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Sunrise at Ankor Wat

Ross exploring  Ankor Wat


Rev. Ross Cribb grew up in a mildly religious family as the youngest of four sons. His parents were actively involved with the United Church, however, being liberal-minded and living in Greater Vancouver, Canada, they allowed their sons to form their our own opinions about God. By his teenage years Ross was an atheist and excelled in science at school. While at university he became disillusioned with science and began exploring spirituality, as opposed to religion. During this time Ross switched his major from science to philosophy, eventually obtaining a degree in philosophy. As time went on he attended spiritual retreat centers, joined meditation groups, and dabbled in tai chi and yoga, all the while maintaining an interest in science. One workshop that shook his foundation was a Zen retreat, and it subsequently served as a backdrop against which to gauge his ideas. (A story about this workshop can be accessed by going to the Zen Story page on this website.)

Knowing he didn't want the trappings of a conventional life, Ross remained single and drifted along seeking a spark to ignite his passion. Employment regularly switched between social work and business administration (never keeping a job for more than 5 years, and usually much shorter). Two of the more dramatic jobs were Life Skills Instructor in a youth jail and Administration Manager for a resort/outdoor education center. However, during this period Ross' primary motivation was to find answers to big questions and a greater purpose for his life. He describes this time as neither persistently happy nor sad, but knew there was more to life than what he was experiencing. The Zen phrase “Live in the Moment” became Ross' motto but he struggled to maintain it for any length of time.

As an avenue for self-healing, he enrolled in an energy healing school with no intent to make it his profession. As well as much personal growth, the healing school gave him a framework with which to understand personal issues—that being Energy Dynamics. Expanding these ideas to be more consistent with scientific thinking was not the school’s goal, but it became an aim for Ross. Again, taking Zen as a base point, he enhanced the model to explain Zen, spirituality, healing and basic human behavior. As a transition from more conventional employment to a more fulfilling career, he was ordained as a minister for the Inner Focus Church. "Live in the Moment, Including Zen and the Art of Healing" is the product of this journey of discovery and healing. The bulk of the writing, and half of the book's story, occurred while living in Japan. For Rev. Cribb, it was idyllic to write this book in the country that is the heartland of Zen, and it provided an enriching contrast to Western norms.

Besides spirituality and writing, Ross' enjoys nature, sports, reading and traveling—sparked by a cycling trip through Europe during his younger days. Others travels include Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali. Ross currently lives in Japan with his wife and son. 

Hiking in the Stein Valley in B.C. Canada.